The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible

by Paul Esajian

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About The Rehab Investing Bible

Paul Esajian, owner of America’s largest real estate education & training company,, and star of A&E’s “Flip This House”, shares his secrets to success and outlines his strategies for each step of his proprietary flipping process & system. Readers will learn how to leverage the system of rehabbing and principles of real estate investing to avoid doing renovations themselves, while maximizing profits and achieving true time ownership by being your own boss.

Residential real estate is the most resilient sector of the real estate industry, with the lowest barrier to entry. Everyday people can get in the game with no experience and no money, and come away from the deal with the equivalent of a year’s salary in profit. The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible is more than just information about the trend; it contains tips and tricks that can maximize profit while minimizing the personal time investment, written by an expert who regularly juggles 25-plus projects at a time with the systems shared in this book. The book offers clear, concise insight on the techniques that get results, and teaches readers to:

Find and locate good deals that have not hit the market, Estimate repairs in 15 minutes or less, Use other people’s money to buy, Get A+ licensed and insured contractors at wholesale pricing, Analyze comps to set the right price to sell quickly, and more…

Readers will learn how to save 30-50% off of retail on every contractor quote, and how to keep more of their earnings by applying IRS guidelines and rules. The book isn’t simply a renovation guide, it’s a guide to being a residential real estate investor to create wealth, grow your wealth, and enjoy your wealth. For anyone seeking entry into the investment property market, The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible provides the information that gets results.

Paul Esajian

About Paul Esajian

Paul Esajian, Co-Founder of and CT Homes, LLC, is one of the nation’s most trusted real estate investors, speakers, authors, and trainers. Paul is also one of the Star’s of A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House” and has filmed three seasons with A&E. The show documents Paul’s real estate investment business and selected Paul because of the extremely successful and automated business that he runs.

Paul has successfully completed hundreds of real estate flips and built up a very profitable rental portfolio of properties he hangs onto for the long term. Paul is also one of the most well respected real estate educators and author of “The Real Estate Investing Rehab Investing Bible.”

Paul has helped thousands of people start successful real estate investing businesses and shares his insights, experiences, and knowledge with people across the country. He provides a lot of investors with a very clear-cut plan on what step’s they need to take in order to find more deals, get the financing for those properties, and how to improve their businesses in order to generate more income.

Paul is an excellent educator, an extremely dedicated family man, and someone who has helped a lot of people change their lives through real estate investing.